openHAB3: First Feedback on editing entities

Perhaps it’s interfering with your existing persistence strategies if you upgraded - on a new instance it works properly… it’s not my domain so the best I can advise is open a well-documented issue in to get some insights.

I will check my logs like Thomas did, but I already can say that it is a fresh install, no upgrade.

Found the culprit. I had mapDB as default persistence defined. After switching to rrd4j, I can see my temperature graphs…
@Dibbler42 please check if this solves your issue as well.

Did the same and uninstalled the rrd4j, because i am usually using map db and influx. After reinstalling rrd4j i am able to use the analyse feature. Unfortuately the error from mapdb are still in the log. after a restart.

I will wait and see. :slight_smile:

Comment only … don’t like the sound of this. I think of Simple Mode (for Items) and how unhelpful that turned out for real new-ish users.

I would assess the problem with Simple to be -
“We think you will want these features/objects for your first steps - but will hide the details, the mechanism - why you need them and what you can do with them, even that they exist.”
What we’ve seen often is that becomes a big stumbling block for the users second steps, actively getting in the way of their first rule, or even just renaming an Item etc. It unexpectedly made the practical “Hello World” steps more difficult (for various reasons).

My fear for “Simple Persistence” would be similar - the second-step user, wanting to exploit or customize ‘automated’ features. “Why does this feature chart, that one doesn’t? Why does everything go slow when I do this? etc.”

I do not know enough about the proposal, and do know more about persistence, to judge if there are actual risks of creating a problem there for new users.
By all means, let’s have defaults that get people started, OH comes with overwhelming details. But beware unexpected effects of taking for granted a new user knows what/why, or of hiding machinery from new users.

Comment made, and off-topic for here :slight_smile:

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I guess there might be a misunderstanding. As Yannick said before, there actually is no feature for defining persistence strategies in the UI. This feature has to be added.
In the meantime, to give testers a preview, there is a temporary default strategy for persistence.

It’s not temporary, persistence services define a default strategy for you if you don’t provide one (in a .persistence file, there are no immediate plans to add this ability to the UI, at least not in the short term):

Ok, then there was a misunderstanding on my side😉

as said with rrd4j the analyse function is working. deinstalling it and using my influxdb leaves the analyse feature empty and not usable.

Don‘t know why it is not working with influenceDB. As far as I understood, the analyze function is based on the same like the chart widget in oh2.

In Settings > Persistence you have an option to set the default service, which will be used for the charts. Chances are it’s invalid, maybe still set to rrd4j?

@YSC Thanks for the information. I used mapdb as standard not my influxdb.

Unfortunately with the influxdb i get no graphs in the analyse feature. The log shows nothing. Then itrieb to insert a chart in Basisc UI, but the is something wrong and the sitemap could not be generated.

I have to check that in more detail

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