OpenHAB3 How to Switch to SSL / HTTPS?


I am on a Raspi 3B+ running OpenHABian/OH3.
I want to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

Can I configure this using the new OH3 UI?
If not is there any documentation that works also with OH3?


OpenHAB listens on http and https per default. See Securing Communication and Access | openHAB

Hi, @Wolfgang_S,

thanks for reply.
In the docu it is mentioned one can set the port by changing the openhab file under /etc/default.
But in /etc/default I also have also an openhab2 file.

What is the correect file for OH3 please?

I saw that in file opnehab the ports are commented out using a hashtag so I tried openhab2.

I changed HTTP-Port to 8081:
But it seems not to work. I still can run the OH3 UI on port 8080.
I already restarted the OH3 service and alos restarted my Raspi.
But still the port is 808 and not 8081.

Is the file /etc/default/openhab2 not the right one for OH3?

BTW the docu you mentioned is it also for OH3? I am not quite sure:

As you migrated from OH2 to OH3 there still might be old OH2 configuration files in your system.
All of the should have been migrated to OH3. e.g. /etc/default/openhab2 is migrated to /etc/default/openhab. OH3 configuration paths and files do not contain a 2 in their name. The 2 was not replaced by a 3. So the file /etc/default/openhab is the correct one. In case changing it is not enough we need to check where this part of the configuration is stored in after initially taking it from there.

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indeed is the correct one for OH3

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