[Openhab3] Kostal Modbus (Three Phase Inverter)

in openhab2.5 i used the modbus binding to connect my kostal piko IQ 5.5 to openhab, i’m just in the transition to openhab 3.0 and try to connect the Kostal Piko IQ 5.5. I do not get the actual power from the device. the lifetime energy is working…


Thanks in advance


Bear in mind we have no idea which Items or channels you are talking about.

Modbus binding does not natively know anything about Units of Measurement, so you wouldn’t use it with Item types like Number:Power unless you had some special configuration.

I would suggest to use the native Kostal Binding.
Works for me without any issues.

for that reason i mentioned that i would like to use the Three Phase Inverter (on top of the modbus binding ?) and in the binding configuration it’s ac-power as you may see in the screenshot…
from my point of use the usecase is clear …

and the configuration with Number:Power is set by Binding/Channel automatically…

do you have experiences with that binding ?

thanks for your response, i’m fetching values with 1s for energy optimization, if possible, i would like to stay on modbus, and also that there are same issues could be a worthful informtion, espacially with working version on OH2.5.4

Yes, I’ve just realised you are using SunSpec extension, not generic Modbus configuring.
Did you newly discover the Thing for OH3,or manually set it up?
How was your working OH2.5 version of this configured?

Did you newly discover the Thing for OH3,or manually set it up?

the setup of the things and bridge i did manually

my working version in OH2.5

also manually added and not discovered

also Modbus parameter look more or less equal…

tried with scan, kostal gets detected and now power is working!!! good question how i did it …
but what id did wrong ?

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You’d have to look deeper, at base register numbers and the like. As far as I understand SunSpec, the “same device data” may appear at different addresses, which can be found by discovery.

so you mean the right (data) model is choosen on auto discovery ?

That’s the extent of my knowledge here. If you compare your non-working manual configuration with the discovered, there’s going to be some difference, either types or addresses.

with autodiscovery: