Openhab3 MAIL Rules actions not same as Openhab2

Hello all!
I am trying to recreate the same rules I had at Openhab2 rule engine on Openhab3. I want to send a mail whenever a door sensor changes to OPEN. The rules I am describing work fine on OH2. I cannot find the action of smtb server when adding a new rule. Here are some screenshots of the issue.

Old OH2 rules (white) VS New OH3 rules(black)

The Send HTML mail is not appearing although I have mail binding installed. Any idea?

I think add-on actions are hidden because of issues:

You’d need to use the binding-supplied send mail Action in a script section of your GUI defined rule.

hey rossko! I dont think I understand what you mean… I cannot even see the actions on the dropdown list. Can you please elaborate more on this? Cheers!!!

I mean that you have to type in script for your rule to run. Clicky drop-downs cannot accomplish everything.

Yes you are right. I tried the script execution already to send mail as described in previous topics on this forum. My problem is the clicky stuff itself…

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