openHAB3 MQTT Things and Channels help needed

I have a working OH2 setup but I’m attempting to get OH3 setup. I’m starting from scratch because I want to use the GUI version as much as possible since that looks to be the direction OH is moving to. I’m following along with the Getting Started Tutorial but am having problems setting up my ESP_8266 devices with MQTT

Here is the version information.

I have mosquitto installed and working according to MQTT.fx and OH Things

I have my Generic MQTT Things added but when I try to add a type I receive the message seen here.

Am I doing something wrong?
Please help.

I’m sorry please disregard this post I figured out if I click the Add Channel tap at the top I can still add the type.

It’s just an always-present info text. It’s not saying that you don’t already have a broker configured.
You’re not the first to get alarmed by this - if someone can suggest a better form of words, raise a github issue against the binding to improve the text.

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do you install the broker with the openhabian-conifg?
you find the broker in Optional Components