Openhab3 Temperaturesensor Manipulation "minus 2 degrees"

Helllo everyone

Im having problem with my “mystrom” binding. First of all, the item just gives me a Number without any decimals, then the temps are always 2 Degrees to high (they even allow in their app to manipulate the Temp…) So is there a option to add the 2 decimals (the thing and API serves a number with decimals) and then manipulate the Temps minus the value of 2? I tried to do this with blockly but without any success… and with the decimals i dont get it. Do i have to add the Item via textfile and add some special characters?

Just some Infos:
When i hit analyze to see the chart, my Item gives me 3 decimals in the Chart. When i do the same on the Channel Thing, i’m getting 3 decimals aswell.

The Rest gives me following:

power: 2.16,
Ws: 2.15,
relay: true,
temperature: 26.68

So how can i format the Items to show me whats already in the chart? And why is this working with the Philips hue sensors…
And ofc, i hope someone knows how to write a small Rule for sub those 2 Degrees of my demperatures.

So, first of all we cannot see your configuration. We don’t see your thing definition now your item definition.

1st Problem: 2 degree ofset. While linking the temperature channel ti your iten you will likely find the profile Ofset. Just look into the documentation

2nd Problem: Not getting decimals shown ist maybe an issue with your item defintion, try to add some metadat of type “State Description”. In the field pattern you could enter %.2f. Maybe you now get two decimals

Pro tipp: Read some documentation first
Pro tipp two: Give us as much information as you have. we are not seers

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Hi Dibbler

I tried to search for the documentation, but not hard enough. Anyway, both of your tips were really helpful and its working perfectly! Thank you very much!
As for the Information, since its mostly webbased its pretty hard to fill them in here, since you cant copy past all your items or things.
Ill try to do better, again thanks for helping me out

(I started over with OH3, so I dont have any things or items by hand configured.)

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