Openhab3 with I'd lock 150 zwave

Hi, I am using openhab 3 version on a raspberry pi 4.
I have the zwave stick zmeeuzb1.

I have successfully paired the id lock 150.

I see all the possible channels. But none of the channels actually work.
I get no state, I cannot lock/unlock or anything.

I have the latest firmware on the lock.

Does someone have the same issue or a possible solution? At least suggestions on what to do or try?

I have removed the lock and re-paired it several times with the same result.

Is it paired securely? A lock must be paired securely. Inclusion must start from a freshly factory reset lock and the process, once started, must complete within 15 seconds.

Ah okay!

I can see under thing properties that the value
zwave_secure is false.

How do I correct this?

Do you mean that I will need to factory reset the ID lock and therefore downgrade it in order to make this work?

Will I be able to upgrade it later on?

The big issue with the factory reset version is the battery consumption that is horrible. It kind of eats the batteries out in a week tops.

I would not expect factory resetting the configuration would reset the firmware. If it does, that is a bug in my opinion.

Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant by reset.
The irritating thing about resetting the id lock configuration is that it also removes all configs such as master code and tags.

But I have done this like 3-4 times and re-added it but without success. I always get unsecure zwave connection.

I used this lock with my animus heart before starting with openhab. But there I never had any issues with it.

The issue with secure inclusion is that the key exchange must occur within 15 seconds of the device being added to the network. So you need to ensure the device is excluded and reset or this certainly won’t happen. Otherwise I guess we need to know what is going wrong - have you checked the logs?

The Schlage lock is likewise very finicky with inclusion. I tried repeatedly to securely include the lock but it was just not working. It finally worked after a lock reset, followed by moving the z-wave hub right next to the lock and trying several times more. I believe I used full power inclusion but I’m not 100% sure anymore.

One other hint about secure inclusion… As mentioned above - it is extremely time critical and everything needs to happen in approximately 15 seconds. If there is a lot of other activity going on, this can impact on the key exchange and cause the key exchange to fail. The binding does prioritize these commands, but there is always plenty of scope for things to get blocked if there’s a lot happening as ZWave only allows one transaction to be “in flight” at once.

For this reason, I would avoid including a secure device when the system is starting, or when some other heavy activity is taking place. Pick a quiet period and it will be more likely to succeed.

Where can I find these logs?
I’ve tried so many times now without success.

It always gets untrusted. Even when I explicit set the secure inclusion mode to always it doesn’t work.

The lock is quite expensive and now feels like garbage if I cannot use it as it supposed to be used with the zwave module.

Documentation is always a good place to start when answering these questions :wink:

The exact location of the logs will depend on your system and how you’ve installed openHAB. Take a look at the install documentation as this should tell you where openHAB stores the logs given your installation.

The binding documentation tells you how to enable debug logging for Z-Wave.

Hmm well ain’t this interesting?

About the “it needs to be added securely”. Are you guys sure about that?
I did an experiment with my Animus heart, where I added the lock unsecure, it worked right off without issues.

In my openhab3 solution the zwave thing is added and included in like 2-5 seconds, but never gets the secure property.

Absolutely. If the device is not added securely, it will not advertise that it supports the DOOR_LOCK command class and you will see an error saying that the COMMAND_CLASS_DOOR_LOCK is not found.

I just managed to include this in OH 3.1. I had to try multiple times before it was successfully included, I had my rpi just next to the lock. I didn’t have to reset the lock in between attempts, I just excluded it and re included it again.

Regards, S

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I have created a github issue for using this lock with the latest version of the zwave binding.

see: ID Lock 150 Lock Firmware 1.5.9 and Z-wave firmware 1.6 not recognized · Issue #1650 · openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave · GitHub

I’ve now started trying again after a few weeks.

It’s really kind of impossible for me to get it to work. Now I get two z-wave items when I scan. Both are for the lock.

Seems odd or?

Neither of them will get the secure property set - no matter how many times i try.

Not really - if you include a device, then reset it and include it again, you will have two devices. You must exclude the device to remove the first one. Unfortunately you can’t now do this and you need to try and force remove it.

What do you mean by “no matter how many times I try”? You must exclude and reset the device if it doesn’t securely include - so the node ID will increase each time.

Sorry, I meant i have excluded, then paired. Then excluded then paired again (over and over again because it is still unsecure).

I have not reset the id lock because I tried seaside’s description.

Lol just got it to work. Exclude and include once again.

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