Openhab3 Z-Wave without S2-Security and ABUS CFA3010

Hello together,

I know, S2-Security is not supported at the moment.

Because I want to buy a door look Device (Abus CFA3010), I looked around and found the following list of Command Classes in Manual:

Supported Command Classes
• Basic (S2 Access Only)
• Door Lock (S2 Access Only)
• Transport Service
• Association Grp Info
• Device Reset Locally
• Zwaveplus Info
• Supervision
• Configuration (S2 Access Only)
• Manufacturer Specific
• Powerlevel
• Firmware Update Md  (S2 Access Only)
• Battery
• Association
• Version
• Multi Channel Association
• Security
• Security 2

Because S2 not supported by OH3, my question is:
The S2 only Command Classes would not be supported by OH3, are they important and which functions I will have to miss?

• Basic (S2 Access Only)
• Door Lock (S2 Access Only)
• Configuration (S2 Access Only)
• Firmware Update Md  (S2 Access Only)

Basic and Door lock sounds same important as Configuration, so I’m really confused if it would work with Fallback to S0 Security.

Maybe one knows the Command classes and able to answer or someone has experiences with this device

S2 devices are required to fall back to use S0, so the device should support S0 as well and therefore should work fine with OH.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for fast reply. Your answers always much appreciated.

The abus can configured to fallback to S0, I read.

Do you have any idea what’s in the not supported command classes?

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I would expect that all functionality is available once included securely - either through S0 (ie S2 fallback) or S2 higher levels of security (of which there are a few). I would be surprised if the device did not support locking for example (which I agree is implied in the list), but of course I can’t be 100% sure.

So I expect it would support all functionality once included using S0 security - but again, I can’t be 100% sure of course.

ps. If the device can be configured to use S0, but the docs say Door Lock (S2 Access Only), then this can’t be right. This command class is the one that locks and unlocks your door, so if it’s not supported in S0, then I would say the device is useless. Therefore this should also work in S0.

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Checkout my answer in the thread here: ABUS Z-Wave Doorlock HomeTec Pro CFA3010 - #73 by KlausStoertebeker

Maybe that helps?

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Thank you Stefan.

If the ABUS directly open the door like using the handle, it’s sadly useless for me :frowning:

Sharing your experience prevents me wasting money :+1: