Openhabcloud not available myopenhab reinstalling autmatic

Hi - my first topic

I am runnnig OH2 on a synology (DSM6 - snapshot).
Everything was running fine with using misc-myopenhab - 2.0.0.SNAPSHOT (installed from PaperUI).
I now tried to move to myopenhab (without the dot between my and openhab) guessing i would need openhabcloud extension- But this does not show up in paperUi.
More strange after uninstalling myopenhab-2.0 extension it would reinstall after every restart of opehab,
If anyone has a good advice before 31st January would be nice.

Just realized, that the new myopenhab connector is only included in Beta5.
It seems that the snapshot is still based on Beta3 (?).

Maybe someone can either:
a) update synology packages
b) explain how to update on synology without package manager
c) tell me to move to rasperry