OpenhabCloud Offline sometimes / daily

Hello there,

I am using openHAB 2.5.10-1 (openhabian on raspberry)

My Problem is, that sometimes my openhabcloud ( switches to offline.

My UUID is correct
also, my SECRET is correct

My Openhab version runs now about 1 Year and the problems started 2 weeks ago → I did no updates or anything.
I didn’t even touched it…

Around 2 weeks ago, the problem occurs for the first time, at this point, I found a topic where I delete the CACHE and restart openhab → this works for me at this point.

I thought it was a random problem… but now it occurs again, so this cant be right…

Has anyone an idea, why the openhabcloud switches to offline while secret and uuid is correct ?

How can i debug this problem ?

I had a similar problem this week.

My connection to the openHAB cloud stopped working three times thsi week and I had to restart openHAB (docker; v2.5.12).

But it works for two days now.
So I did not investigate this further.

hmm after a restart, it runs for a day…
now it went offline again.

What is openhab doing here ?

Is there a chance to debug ?

same for me…i hope this will be fixed soon

I’ve upgraded my system to 2.5.12-1
same behavior…

today it is offline again without any reason.
So an update doesn’t fix that problem.

I have had no issues the last few days.

Did you check your openhab.log?

Maybe you find more information there.

same here… on I see several connection failures in the past. But obviously they do not last very long. But now, my connection is down for more than a day. I changed UUID, secret, restartet openhab… no success. Deinstalled openhab cloud connector, deleted the folder cloudconnector, deleted UUID and secret and reinstalled the cloud connector. The uuid file was not created automatically. So I did it manually. In I updated the UUID and the scret and now I am online again…
I am a very big fan of openhab… but of course it is annoying when you don’t know why something is not working… glad am back online again.

ohhhh… I am offline again :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:
what’s going on???

now I am online again without changing anything. Obviously it is a server side issue. I hope, they were able to fix this. Thanks to all contributors for this great service. :+1:

Did anybody figure out what caused this? I have the same issues, for a few months now. Everything works ok, and then the cloud somehow disconnects.
Then to connect again, I go to settings - Openhab Cloud, and without changing anything save.
Then the cloud is connected again.

Maybe you can find more info In this thread