OpenHabian 1.6.2 - Error messages in the installation log

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi4, 2GB, 16GB SD card
    • OS: Openhabian image, 1.6.2
    • Java Runtime Environment: as installed by the distribution
    • openHAB version: 3.0 build release

Some error messages are logged during the installation.

  1. in the WiFi psk configuration - my WiFi contains special chars like ‘!’ etc, I tried to use single quotes instead of double quotes but it did not make the trick. WiFi connection still works

2020-12-31_12:27:35_GMT [openHABian] Loading configuration file ‘/etc/openhabian.conf’… /etc/openhabian.conf: line 28: syntax error near unexpected token newline' /etc/openhabian.conf: line 28: wifi_psk=myWiFiPwd’

  1. in setting up the MTA (I provided google email address and relaypass) - I am not sure how this will impact the installed system, I have been so far yet :wink:

2020-12-31_13:35:47_CET [openHABian] Beginning Mail Transfer Agent setup… sed: -e expression #4, char 24: unterminated `s’ command

Attached a (sanitized) version of my conf file: openhabian_cleaned.txt (3.1 KB)

No other disruption to report (so far), but I hope this can help.


This is the comment from openhabian.conf on wifi_psk:

# ATTENTION: you need to escape these special characters: $, `, ", \, (newline)
# 'Escaping' means to put an additional \ in front of that character

That’s unrelated to WiFi. Please setup MTA again with debugmode=maximum enabled this time.


Thanks, and apologize I did not throughly read the doc :no_mouth:

About the MTA, you mean I need to setup OH from scratch again, right? Is there any other way to reproduce the error in a post-installation scenario? I have a spare SD I can use for that, but if there is another path I would prefer it.

I guess I need to fix it for my running system anyway.


P.S.: Happy New Year to the part of the globe already in 2021 :slight_smile:

no, just exim. Dunno if you can install on top but I think you can apt-get purge exim4 to remove it, then install again from the openhabian-config menu.

Thanks for the suggestions, I have done as instructed and it seems I have been able to run the configuration now w/o issues

2021-01-02_00:18:02_CET [openHABian] Installing MTA required packages (mailutils, exim4, dnsutils)… OK
2021-01-02_00:18:22_CET [openHABian] Beginning Mail Transfer Agent setup… OK
2021-01-02_00:23:51_CET [openHABian] Creating MTA config… OK
2021-01-02_00:23:51_CET [openHABian] Adding to email to system accounts… OK

The only relevant log file is in /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades.log, whole content reported here:

2021-01-02 00:23:16,735 INFO Checking if system is running on battery is skipped. Please install powermgmt-base package to check power status and skip installing updates when the system is running on battery.
2021-01-02 00:23:16,758 INFO Initial blacklist :
2021-01-02 00:23:16,760 INFO Initial whitelist:
2021-01-02 00:23:16,761 INFO Starting unattended upgrades script
2021-01-02 00:23:16,761 INFO Allowed origins are: origin=Debian,codename=buster,label=Debian, origin=Debian,codename=buster,label=Debian-Security

How can I now verify the system works as expected? Should I receive an email each time an incremental backup is done?