openHABian 1.6.4

I am totally lost. Could somebody please clarify?

When starting openhabian-config a splash screen appears.
The screen is about openhabIAN version (see header line), explains the difference between openhab3 and main environment which is related to openhab (not openhabian).
However, the option dialog box (blue colored box) sets the openhabIAN environment version

I thought I am selecting here the version (dev or non-dev) of openhabIAN config tool and the openhab version is selected with menu 41.

Hope that somebody could clarify this.

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another question: does anybody know what happens when running menu 42?
42 | Upgrade to openHAB3 (Upgrade OS environment to openHAB 3 release)

Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s all about openHABian. Your mistake is you believe the 2nd sentence is on openHAB but it’s on openHABian in fact.

many thanks for explanation and please do not misunderstand as criticism.

Just for clarification - the 2nd sentence does not say anything about openhabian. that’s why confusion came up

The very latest openHAB 3 version is called "main".
This is providing you with the latest (openHAB3!) features but less people
have tested it so it is a little more likely that you run into errors.
You can step back a little and switch to use the stable version now called

It does not explicitly name openHABian but actually is about it as is the whole text, that’s what I meant by “don’t overcomplicate”.
I changed it so others don’t hit it, too.

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I doubt you want to know but if you really do read the code :wink:
It’s for people coming from OH2. You don’t need it since you’re on OH3 already.

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I am still on OpenHAB 2. So can I select OpenHabian options “openHAB3” or “main” without problems (and without updating OpenHAB to 3, just getting “OpenHAB3 features” - whatever they are)?
I can understand Oliver2’s problems and stayed on “stable” until now.

No. That scenario is right what option 42 is for.

Thanks. So
OpenHAB3: OpenHabian valid options are "“openHAB3” or “main”
OpenHAB2: OpenHabian valid options are “stable” or “master”

Why don’t you read the basicmost documents ?

Okay, you got me :grinning:

just to summarize and make it crystal clear to other readers:

Menu 01 (screenshot from above) changes openhabIAN environment (config tools, etc). This does not change openhab’s version.
Menu 41 and 42 change openhab’s version

It is all described well in openhabian-config apart from those two senteces above which are misleading