openHABian 1.6 released

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Dear community members,

we have released openHABian v1.6.

You may or may not know that openHABian is continuously being updated so you already get the very latest (stable) code on every fresh install even if you start with the old 1.5 image.
There’s milestones however to mark the completion of new features and to update the image so this is where we are now.

We have an exciting set of new features to share such as a VPN server, choice of Java 8 and 11, support for installing offline (in BETA) - hence the growth in image size - and a fully automated backup procedure.

Most of the work has been spent under the hood, though, to improve code and documentation quality and to enhance overall user experience. I hope you agree when you start using.

Find the new release over here at GitHub.

Note that this openHABian release does not support installing OH3, however it can be used as the OS basis for a manual installation of OH3.

Please use the openHABian thread for discussion and feedback.

Special thanks go to Ethan Dye @ndye who has recently joined the team and put a tremendous amount of work into refactoring all of the code. Not quite the first thing you would do when starting on a project. And while that caused quite some headache (chewing on year old code you never wrote yourself ain’t easy), it will leverage quality a lot and already did.
Thanks also to Holger Friedrich @holgerf for his various contributions.



openHABian now also supports installing openHAB3 and migrates your system.
Not much tested so don’t expect production quality yet.
You need to use the master branch.

If you start with the image, edit openhabian.conf to install Java 11 (java_opt=Zulu11-32) and to use the master branch (clonebranch=master) right on install.
clonebranch=openHAB3 might also work or not to install OH3 right away.
Drop me a note if that worked for you when you have tried.

Eventually also set debugmode=maximum right away or at any later time (also useful when using openhabian-config).
Read the debug guide if you encounter problems (it has no info specific to OH3 though so don’t bother looking for that).