Openhabian: Add single snapshot jars to release version?


because I wasn’t able to find it in the original (huge) thread of openhabian:

Please allow some rookie questions:
I am using the stable release version installed through openhabian and wonder if I can (still) add unstable / snapshot .jar to replace the ones coming with the release?

Do I need to change something specific in the addons.cfg (like harmony1 - instead of harmony - which was required when I used OH1 versions on the OH2 snapshot version)?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, but sometimes its a bit tricky: first uninstall the stable binding through PaperUI, then download the snapshot binding and put it in your /addons folder.
It may be needed to restart openHAB or even the server.
Dependencies are not automatically installed this way (e.g. for the zwave binding you need to manually install the serial transport binding).

Actually it is easier to switch to snapshot runtime completely …

Thanks for your recommendation.
What’s strange though is, that I actually use zwave, but on my OH2 (stable) system the serial binding is NOT installed, but zwave works just fine…!?

Hmm, I checked through karaf on my system and yes, I cannot see the serial binding either (snapshot release).
I’m pretty sure it was there before … :thinking:

Maybe that is the difference:

“On a completely clean installation of OH2”

Sure you can, see here for a complete set of instructions by @MHerbst, Thanks for adding these!

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good afternoon.
I have formatted the sd with HDDLLF, then I have recorded the openhabian image with WIN32DISK, I connect to my raspberry pi 3, via PUTTY,
After 45 minutes openhabian is installed but when entering the local ip address: 8080, do not connect openhab 2.
Please if someone has happened to you, help me,
Thank you and best regards

Did you wait long enough after startup?
It might take some time (10 minutes!?) until OH2 is up and running

Your question is clearly off topic here and should be posted here: openHABian hassle-free openHAB Setup

Regarding your problem, please read here: basically: try again and connect via ssh to get feedback)