Openhabian and deconz on same image to run philips hue lights

Hi folks,

I bought a Raspbee from Dresden Elektronik to use it as a gateway/bridge to control my philips hue lights over openhab.

I have already installed openhabian image on my pi. Do I need a second pi which run with deconz, so I can control with the openhabian pi and a Hue / Deonz binding to control the lights?

Or is it possible to install deconz over the console in openhabian and using both openhab and deconz on the same pi without problems?

Pls help me before I mess up my first pi with stable running openhabian

Before you proceed, make a backup img of your pi.

My OH system is large and many members here are way larger than mine and runs in a pi. I just checked and cpu load was 0.6. I’m running openhab, mqtt server, a Google assistant sdk, and some more scripts that run under a cron. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

Hi lucky I have no concern relating of the space of the sd card or that the pi cant handle that.

From some discussions board postings about using raspbee in combination with openhab I get the information that I have to run deconz and openhab on two different pi’s because running on the same pi results in conflicts or even doesnt work.

Can someone disprove this beliefe?

I have the same issue. I want to move my OH from a laptop to raspberry pi.

When I had OH on my laptop I was able to run DeConz side by side, just changing the port on OH to :8085. Running DeConz on :8080. Worked flawlessly.

Is it possible to do something similar on a Pi?
How can I install separate programs on to my Pi without screw up the flashed openhabian?

Anyone got this to work?