openHABian and external SSD drive


for the long time I’ve been using OpenHAB running on Raspberry Pi 2 and plain Raspbian. Long time ago I installed Raspbian to SD card by instruction provided on their page and then used this nice script in order to move installation to external SSD drive: Adafruit-Pi-ExternalRoot-Helper. I didn’t have any problems for years with this setup.

Now I decided to upgrade my hardware to Raspberry 3 and also start using openHABian instead of plain Raspbian. Having searched over this forum I haven’t found any simple instruction of how to install Openhabian to external SSD drive.

My question is: can I use the same Adafruit’s script for openHABian?
So in total installation process will looks like:

  1. Install openHABian to SD card as described in its documentation
  2. Run Adafruit-Pi-ExternalRoot-Helper script in order to move everything to SSD (of cource except /boot but I’m fine with it)

Or maybe there is another way to archive this goal?

Hello @igorua,
Interesting script! I’d be very interested in your experience with it and openHABian.

openHABian is a standard Raspbian system with some further packages and modifications to the system settings. I don’t see a strong reason why the script would not work for openHABian. There might of course be small issues. if so please let us know!

Hi @igorua,

why not using the buildin “move root to USB” function under System Settings?
Should do the job as well.

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Thank you for the help! I didn’t know there is builtin functionality. I used it and it worked just fine. No need to use 3-d party script any more.

What does this functionality do exactly? I’d like to have my root on USB-SSD also, but on a RPi2, so I can’t boot from it. So does it just mount the SSD somewhere and uses it as root, but the SDCard still boots?

Yes. Raspberry boots from SDCard (/boot stays on SD) but all data is moved and mount to external USB drive.

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Is it possible to have an RPi 3 boot Openhabian directly from SSD? I have had several corrupt SD cards recently.

yes, it is possible. I already used it - but you can’t chose this (yet?) with openahbian-config.
see here for example:


i´m reusing this “old” Thread for my question. I´ve moved “root” to an USB SSD(Samsung 128GB) drive.
After a few hours the “root” (/) is gone. When i restart the PI everything is fine for a few hours. So i dont think its not a HDD spin down.
Any ideas?