Openhabian and owncloud


I have installed the openhabian image on my raspberry pi,
now i want to instal owncloud on it but keep of course openhabian.

Can I install and use it besides openhabian and if yes, what should I look out for?
Can I user both with the one web server from openhab or do I need to install a second one?


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Installation in parallel is not a problem and easy. Just download the zip file and unpack it in the webserver folder in a sub directory. By the way. Please use Nextcloud instead of Owncloud because Nextcloud is fully open source, faster and more secure and has more features and community driven.
Please let me know if something doesn’t work.

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The biggest thing to watch out for is conflicting ports. Make sure Owncloud/Nextcloud doesn’t want to use any of the OH ports (8080, 8443, 5000, 1901).

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Thanks for the tip with Nextcloud.

Do I have to install the php7.0 packages or are there already installed in the openHABian image? And whats abou a database?

Can I use openHABians own Nginx Server or have I to install apache2 Server, like described in all manuals of Nextcloud?