Openhabian asking for boot login?

I’ve been running openhabian on my RPi4 for a while now, all been fine. Just had to shutdown to move the Pi to another room as decorating and suddenly it’s asking for ‘login’ after the boot sequence (see pic).


I’ve never been asked for this login before…

I’ve tried openhabian / openhabian and openhab / habopen as the user/pw combinations… nothing.

Any ideas on what the default here is and why it’s not auto logging in any more very much appreciated!


It has not ever been “auto” logging in. Password is openhabian or whatever you assigned on installation.

Oh, weird, maybe been so long since i’ve seen this then! What is the username? cheers!

openhabian or whatever you changed it to on installation.

Ah, got it! I couldn’t get in via remote console either… dug a little deeper… seems to have lost it’s static IP assignment, so is on another IP! argh.

So sorry - my error! Thank you for the help though :slight_smile: