OpenHabian Backup - What does it contain?

Dear all, now and then i doing a “manual” backup of my openhab configuration.
I am runing openhab 3.4.2 with openhabian on a raspberry pi 3b+.
In order to do the backup i ssh to my RPI:
sudo openhabian-config50 | Backup/Restore50 | Backup openHAB config
This is creating a ~20mb *.zip file in /var/lib/openhab/backups which i am then transfering to my desktop computer disk.

However i dont know what content is really backuped…
The *.zip contain the folder conf (which i know from Openhab 2 with *.things, *.items, *.sitemap, etc …). These files i am not using anymore due to the Openhab 3 UI.
Also there is a folder userdata with some subfolder which i dont know.

Question is: can i rebuild my current openhab 3 setup after a SD card crash with this backup? Does it contain all my UI created items, things, bindings, rules, scripts, pages …? I dont have a problem in re-installation Openhabian and Openhab in case of a failure but i really dont want to re-create my complete configuration.

Maybe someone knows :slight_smile:

Yes. Everything done through the API of OH (e.g. through the UI) gets saved to userdata.

However, this only includes OH stuff. InfluxDB, Mosquitto, or any other service you may have installed is not included.

Yes, look at the files under userdata/jsondb.

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Cool, thank you! looks good :slight_smile: