Openhabian-config little bug?

Hi everybody,

I’m installing a fresh new OpenHAB 2.2 on my Raspberry PI CM3 based board
repeating all the installation process already done for 2.1 (sorry for Italian).

The first thing done is changing the host-name to customize it for my home installation.
After reboot I opened the start/index (my-name.local:8080) and launched standard configuration. Clicking on “OPENHAB LOG VIEWER” icon after that it fails searching for the old (original) name openhabianpi.local:9001.
Of course it works fine searching manually for the the correct URL: my-name.local:9001.
Also reinstalling lig-viewer from openhabian-config the error remain.
It’s not a big issue, just a little neo on a so beautiful product, a lot faster on installation and with many more feature I’m still discovering.


Have you checked if someone filed an issue about that bug already at ?
If nothing about this bug exits, there would be the best place to document that.

Thank you very much Jerome for your suggestion and apologize me for posting it on the wrong place

No need to apologize. :slight_smile:
No one can know all the right places for everything, so asking here is perfectly valid.
That’s what the community is made for. Discussing and helping each other.

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Hello @guiott,
this has indeed been reported before and we need to look into it. See here for more details, follow to stay up to date: