Openhabian-config update broke it

This morning i entered sudo openhabian-config on my raspi, OH installed form openhabian SD image, and it said it wanted to update itself.

One return press later, i get the following response while trying to reenter it

/opt/openhabian/functions/ riga 77: /opt/openhabian/ File o directory non esistente

(it means: line 77- unexistent file or directory)

One reboot later it says that it doesn’t find the openhabian-config command.

Openhabian-config IS still present in usr/local/bin (colored in orange if it could be meaningful,. windows guy here)
typing echo $PATH
i got the following

while going to opt/openhabian i have these

build.bash  docs       includes  openhabian.conf.dist  Vagrantfile
build-image  Dockerfile       functions  LICENSE   openhabian-setup.bash  test.bash

The rest of the system works, astrobinding, zwave binding, rules, was in the process of installing influxdb+grafana(that’s why i went in there) and so i haven’t made a backup as of yet.

related to:

could i follow this:

without breaking anything?

I am experiencing the same problem here. Although not being a linux guy either, changing the symbolic link did the job for me:

link usr/local/bin/openhabian-config from /opt/openhabian/ to /opt/openhabian/openhabian-setup.bash

As I said, this works for me.

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thanks for the tip… however i’m not sure how to do that.

i’ve found

and few other guides around, but i don’t know which is the symbolic link i should change.

Is openhabian-config in usr/local/bin a symbolic link? or a program?

Or maybe the link is quoted in line 77 of some script???

please see

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