Openhabian configuration - screwed up, mix text-based and Habmin

I started using Openhabian for the first time, coming from 1.8. I screwed up and started doing the addon/bindings via Habmin interface. I’d really like to stick to the text based method. And I kind of started filling out the runtime.cfg and addon.cfg files. So, now it seems some of the Habmin installed bindings/addons/extensions have been uninstalled, maybe because I started using the text base method? Does the Habmin addon/binding/extension list reflect accurately what the system has installed? Both via the Habmin interface and via the text .cfg files?

It’s kind of disconcerting that OpenHab is suppose to just go out and grab the .addon files byitself. How do I confirm it’s done doing its thing or that it successfully got it? There doesn’t seem to be an addon folder to monitor? Is the Habmin list an accurate representation of what’s actually installed?

Also, what’s the difference between the </Habmin/Configuration/Bindings> and </Habmin/Configuration/Extensions/XXX>. Under </Habmin/Configuration/Extensions/xxx>, the xxx options are bindings, actions, transformations, etc… But under </Habmin/Configuration/Bindings>, it blank for me.

Are you aware of and following

It will walk you through setting up your current OH 1.x config using the 1.x bindings and text based configs on OH 2. You can then migrate to the 2.x version bindings and UIs and such at your leisure.

addons.cfg takes precedence over everything else. If you start using it then you must use it exclusively to manage your addons. And addons listed will get installed and any alone not lasted will be removed even if installed via one of the UIs.

It should. I’ve never had it not. It gets the list from the core of OH itself through OH’s REST API I think. If not that way then it gets it straight from the OH core. It doesn’t maintain it’s own copy of the list.

As I mentioned above, you cannot mix binding installation methods. It is either text based or through the UIs. But if using both were supported it would show both for the already mentioned reasons.

Now you CAN mix text based and ui based for all the other config items (items, things, rules, etc).

It does it the same way OH 1.x used to. If you would like it to act like the old offline install you can install the openhab2-addons package through apt-get (or download the kar file per the installation instructions for your platform, though now this is currently broken in the snapshot version).

It shows up in the UIsb as installed.
You see it being loaded and started in openhab.log
You see it if in the list of installed bindings in the Karaf console.
You see the binding’s .cfg file appear in services for those that have a .cfg file.

It should be. It gets the list straight from OH core.

I only use HABmin to configure ZWave devices so can’t help with that.

Thanks very much, that helps. I’m a bit stuck with trying to get a few of my addons/bindings/extensions. Particularly, MQTT:

under /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg, I have:

# A comma-separated list of bindings to install (e.g. "sonos,knx,zwave")
binding = mqtt,influxdb,marytts,mqtt-persistence,OwnTracks,weather

But mqtt, mqtt-persistence, owntracks, or weather are not running when I go to Karaf console do grep Started. Those four bindings are also missing when I view Habmin’s /configuration/extensions/bindings.

However, mqtt.cfg exists in my /etc/openhab/services/ folder. However, I wonder if this mqtt.cfg file might’ve been placed there when I initially started using habmin to install addons. So, it doesn’t seem to be really installed, even though I’ve included it in my addons.cfg?

There’s not much guidance for how to proceed in my case. I’ve tried restarting a few times hoping that the system will read addons.cfg and realize it’s missing the mqtt binding, as well as the others listed there.

Add a 1 to their names in addons.cfg. these are 1.x bindings so have a 1 after their name.

There is a whole section of the migration tutorial that talks about this.