openHabian Configuration tool - is downgrade fully supported?


I am using the milestones version of openHab for a long while now and so far without a problem, but this time I had an issue when I upgraded to 2.5.0.M2-1 (see this message). I’m considering trying to downgrage to “lastest openHab release”, 2.4, I guess using openHABian config tool.

My question : is this supposed to work straight from the config tool (e.g. including possible conversations of config files format etc… if any, or downgrading the bindings if needed) or does this need to be taken care of manually?


My understanding is that the only supported path is to move forward. You could tater move from 2.5M2 to 2.5 release, for instance.
There are so many changes from 2.4 to 2.5M2 I would not expect a clean migration path. If youare using text files for most everything, I think it would be easire than having everything in JasonDB.

Hello Bruce, thanks for the answer. I do most of my config in files but what you are explaining is what I suspected - not obvious and not straight forward to go back to 2.4…
So I’ll keep looking for a solution in 2.5 world.