openHABian distro & Raspberry Pi 4 - not working

I fellow the instruction of these link:

but after 1,5 hours nothing.

these happens more times.

Is something wrong with Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB Ram)

Info: after this, I installed without problems Raspbian (Full) and only after openHABian. No problems too.
So I think ist only a problem of the “Prepackaged SD-Card Image”

Yes? No?

Very likely so. RPi4 is brand new and requires a newer Debian distro than the one used in openHABian image.


Install Raspbian Lite Buster (using NOOBS, if you wish) and try following the OpenHABian Linux instructions.

I landed here by mistake through a google search.

Openhab works well on RPI4 by now.