openHABian distro & Raspberry Pi 4 - not working

I fellow the instruction of these link:

but after 1,5 hours nothing.

these happens more times.

Is something wrong with Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB Ram)

Info: after this, I installed without problems Raspbian (Full) and only after openHABian. No problems too.
So I think ist only a problem of the “Prepackaged SD-Card Image”

Yes? No?

Very likely so. RPi4 is brand new and requires a newer Debian distro than the one used in openHABian image.


Install Raspbian Lite Buster (using NOOBS, if you wish) and try following the OpenHABian Linux instructions.

I landed here by mistake through a google search.

Openhab works well on RPI4 by now.

Is the current Openhabian able to provide a smooth and easy Installation on a Raspberry Pi 4 by now?

A number of people installed it so it should do. But we have no RPi4 to test against.

The only issue I am aware of is some zwave USB sticks indicate they support USB 3 when they do not. The workaround is to use a USB 2 hub to connect them. That is not an OpenHAB issue though.

Thanks, I just read about issues about booting via USB, which would be the case for me using an ssd.

That would be an issue for me as well as I am using a z-wave usb Stick. :frowning:

That’s not a problem with openHABian but with your deliberate choice to run on SSD.
Sorry it may sound cynical but that’s another confirmation of my ever-given recommendation to “ever go mainstream”.

Please explain further.

It’s not mainstream to run a RPi off an SSD so if he hadn’t opted for that he wouldn’t have been hit by this issue.

I learned to do it by searching the Pi forums. My understanding is they are making it easier to boot off USB, so they must think it is mainstream.

I agree, that taken all projects running on a raspberry pi into account using an SSD is possibly not mainstream.
However, with running OH on a rasp I think it’s crucial to use an SSD because of issues with the sd-card I and others have.
Since I use the SSD for OH, I have never had issues (possibly) related to the SD-card and it runs perfectly stable.

Anyway, I am very thankful for openhabian - so don’t get me wrong.
I just wanted to do a pre-check of potential issues.

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Looking to provide solutions to the mainstream (i.e. people who don’t own SSDs), this is why openHABian now has ZRAM.
And this is why I dislike people praising SSD as a solution here - it’s fine as a solution they do for themselves but it’s no suitable recommendation for the majority of people. These don’t want to spend the money and efforts of taking that route or simply are not capable of doing it (not all of them are IT affine).

If you dislike me, that’s fine.
There’s nothing I can do about it.

But you’re right. If ssd is a good approach for me, it’s not necessarily a proper solution for everyone.

Nah, come on. My “dislike” refers to “praising”, not to “people”.

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Alright, alright.
Got it.

I have one question about ZRAM.

Would it be realistic to expect on a RPi 4 with 4 GB RAM that “almost” no SD-card or SSD would be necessary?

I don’t understand that question.
It is as realistic on a Pi 4 as it is on any other Pi, the RAM size does not matter.
The openHABian ZRAM feature does not eliminate all writes but most as not all directories are moved to ZRAM. You CAN change it to run anything off / in ZRAM if you have enough RAM or your / is small enough to fit in, whichever way you want to put it.