openHABian don't boot correctly after activating Wifi

Hello everyone,

after a clean install of oh2 i connected my Rpi 3 with a ethernet cable to enter my pi via ssh.
Now i wanted to connect my pi with Wifi and remove the ethernet cable but now the rpi don’t boot to the login screen.

here are the Steps i did.

1 plugged in the ethernet cable
2 Install openhabian
3. Install homegear

– the pi run a few days with this configuration without any problems.

Now i wanted connect the pi to my wifi network so i did following steps.

  1. sudo openhabian-config
  2. [31] Wifi Setup
  3. enter teh correct Wifi SSID and Password.
  4. reboot the pi and remove the ethernet cable

Now the Pi don’t boot into the login screen, the bootprocess stops after the following message

“[ OK ] Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes”

But i still can enter the pi via SSH if i connect it with the ethernet cable.

Can someone tell me how to fix the configuration, so my pi can boot correctly again?

Thanks a lot, Dave