openHABian hassle-free openHAB Setup

I’ve reasons to believe it is possible and it’s not possible… Just try it I would say :wink: (Don’t forget to make a backup image first)

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Thanks :slight_smile: it is still working :slight_smile:

Quick simple question is the RPI2 Model B still enough to run OpenHAB2 or do i get Ressource problems soon?

No the RPi2 is perfectly fine. I’ve actually used openHAB on a RPi1B+ for a log time.

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How I can to do an update or upgrade on openHAB 2.0.0~20170114120524-1 (Build #720) ?

Normal command answer with this error:

[14:10:42] pi@openHABianPi:~$ sudo apt-get update
apt-get: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ ELF file version does not match current one

You are looking at a system error that should not occur. You did either interrupt a previous process, kill power to your RPi or your SD card is at the end of it’s life. I recommend a backup of your openHAB data. After that either search for a solution for this problem or reinstall openHABian. Be sure to first rule out your SD card being defective.

Best luck!

Dear all.
I’m a beginner and quite new to openhab2… after I installed it manually on my raspberry I could not get my z-wave controller online. I have read a lot of proposals but unfortunately I was not successful. The controller stayed offline. Then I did a new installation based on openhabian as this seemed to be more easy :wink: but also here I end up with my controller offline. the error message is still the same: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR Serial Error: Port /dev/ttyAMA0 does not exist

Is there any further idea what to do? I already updated the /etc/default/openhab2 file…

Thanks in advance, but cannot test before Saturday…

You should help us with the info which zwave controller exactly you are using.

Sorry… I’m using the RaZberry board

Hi all,

New to the forum, Linux noob and marveling at this wonderful invention called openHABian. I am planning to buy a Raspberry 3 with a Razberry zwave controller. What I understood from the lengthy testing done by @ThomDietrich and @palatia this should be working now as long as you select all the ‘disable’ buttons in the small config menu related to the serial controller.

Another question I had is related to the Homekit add-on that is present in the openHAB 2 latest build. I read that openHABian is basically and exact implementation of OH2 so can I assume that the Homekit add-on is included in openHABian or could be added?

Many thanksfor answering my questions. Of course I am not just here to “take” but also would like to contribute. Therefore, if any testing with my described set-up is necessary in the future, please let me know!

rgds, Kasper


Check the Changelog :wink:

I did… :sweat: have been reading this forum for some evenings now. I could find the answer to the question regarding openHABian + Razberry in the changelogs (yes it works now), but nothing on Homekit unfortunately. I just would like to be sure before I spend time and money on this solution.


Hey Many, the answer was aimed at nena85. I did actually not see your message yet.
openHABian is basically setting up the whole Raspberry Pi for you, so you don’t have to do that. openHAB 2 is installed but not in any way modified. At the end of the installation you will find an openHAB system showing the initial screen just as if you installed it yourself.

So I hope that made clear that you do not have to worry. Good luck with your adventures into openHAB(ian)! :tada:

Regarding your contribution, that is always very much welcomed in the form of any kind of feedback like “this menu entry text is misleading” or “I have just implemented a brand new optional component, here you go”. ;D

Best Regards, Thomas

Thanks @ThomDietrich for the great work - I will post some experiences once I get going with the setup. Using the RPI3, I will probably boot from a USB drive to prevent the wearing issue reported on SD cards. Will let all know if/how this works.

While the first is of course not a bad idea the second is not a big issue really. If it were, the Raspberry Pi in the 5th Generation would have a better option, don’t you think?

It’s simply a question of SD card size (I recommend 16GB or 32GB) and a steady power supply (and the attention to not cutting power). Check:

I’m a RPi user of the first hour (had to re-solder the ethernet chip of one of the first prototypes which was a production error) and I’ve lost two SD cards in all that time. Instead of wasting money and flexibility, invest the few minutes to set up a backup :wink:

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I have just uploaded a first version of the openHABian docs article to the docs Issue Tracker for review.

Yes that’s the article to replace:

Here you can find the PR and the preview (Warning: The article is not finished). If you want, please have a first look and tell me about what you are missing, what’s wrong or how you want to help :wink: I’m planning to finish the article tomorrow evening.

Thanks! Thomas

@Branden_Smale @jaydee73 @RHINESEL @UglyKidJoe @mashborn

Very nicely written sir! Only thing I might add is how to access the network shares. I did from my windows machine and had to map the network drives, which I’m quite sure you are familiar with. Otherwise, awesome!

Hey Branden, thank you very much. This

links to this chapter of the Linux article:

Is that not enough?

I have been using OH2 on a windows PC for a while. I decided to give the Pi a go.
I have a RPi 3 and downloaded the image.
On the first boot, I changed the Pi password, machine name etc. I received the OH2 paper interface and added a couple of bindings ie MQTT, weather etc. Basically quite a few changes.
When I went to look at the log files to see how it was going, under “openHAB-userdata”, there is only a Log folder not a Logs folder. The log folder does not have any log files. Empty of all files.
Because of all the changes, I thought I might have buggered something in relation the creation and storage of the log files.

I performed a fresh image, can see the Paper interface. However there is only the Log folder not Logs folder and of course no log files.

sorry, didnt follow the links, so yeah, its enough…

Might be of interest to some other users in relation to what was discussed by @ThomDietrich and myself above re wear-leveling.

I did some research into quality SD cards for a fair price and came across this article:

Might be worth a look for your first (or next) SD card purchase.

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