Openhabian homegear installation error permission at file transfer via SFTP


I setup today a new openhabian installation, because I change my hardware from pine to pi4.
After the installation openhab works fine, but I have some trouble with homegear. (homegear is installed by openhabian-config) I have no permissions to transfare files in the directory of homegear to restore my configuration, I received all the time an error, that I have no permissions to change the file, when I am connected by SFTP with the openhabian user.
Have someone an Idea, how can I change the permission? I allready try to “fix permission” by the openhabian-config, but this also no work to solve this issue.

Login as openhabian then “sudo bash” then you can do anything as root.
Be careful.
I don’t know the homegear stuff so don’t know what you want to change there.

I solve the issue with the “chown -R” command and change the owner oft the homegear directories to openhabian. I don’t know whether this is the best solution, but it works for me.

If I execute the sudo bash command then openhabian have always root permissions. Is my understanding correct?

Not always but until you end the session.
Please g**gle up what this command does to understand the potential and risk in executing commands as root.

Okay, thanks for your suggestion.