Openhabian: How to remove Nginx?

I am using Openhabian.
Now that OH3.0 has implemented a user access framework, I would like to remove the reverse proxy. However, where one can install the reverse proxy there is no option to remove/deactivate it. How can I do that or which configuration file do I have to edit?

Never used it, but since nginx comes like any other package, try

sudo apt-get remove nginx nginx-common

on the command line

anf if you want to delete the configuration as well:

sudo apt-get purge nginx nginx-common

Thank you very much, this worked perfectly.

Would one also remove the Certbot service that I think was installed with NGINX?

Yes, as without the reverse proxy setup standard certbot configuration cannot setup/renew certificates.

Thanks. I removed it with sudo apt remove certbot, followed by sudo apt autoremove