Openhabian install stops working after 2 days - What do I do

  • Pi4b
    • Openhabian install Jan 13
    • I added frontail, mosquitto, and zram.

Left system running as is. Tried to connect to Frontail / Openhab late on the 15th and both are not responding and power cycling the Pi has no effect. This is the latest of numerous tries to run Ubuntu.
I really thought this was the fool proof approach. So please - I am hoping for some help here. I’ve spent more time trying to get OPenhab running than it took last winter to have it running on a VM and build the miLight HUB and integrate to Plex.


Please clarify your install process. What image did you use and how did you put it on the sd card?

I pulled down whatever version was on the Openhabian install page on Jan 13. I used 7Zip and Win32DiskImager. After the install I added Frontail, Zram, connected visual studio, and confirmed that the web server was up and running.

Whatever happened, telnet is not able to connect. I thought about reburning the card and see what happens but it would be good to know if there is anything I can do from an autopsy standpoint. Definitely not interested in do the same thing over and over. I may go back to the HA config setup that I can go back to as well just to see if it still continues to run without issue.

Thanks for any adive you can share

I can think of couple things, and it is not related to OpenHab at all.

  1. If you are using DHCP, your PI could have got another IP address.
  2. Your SD card has corrupted.

I am not even sure if telnet is turned on by default on the PI image. I always connect to it through SSH.

yfaway -

Wow - you nailed it. I am pretty disciplined that new devices get a IP assigned by the router which I then make permanent. I did not do that in this case and you are exactly right.

My pride wishes it was not so easy, every other part of me is greatful.

Thank you