openHABian installation problem

I downloaded the image and installed it on a new 64gb Samsung sd with er her, but after inserting and booting the Pi, the installation progress screen remains empty.

Switching to another sd, network cable, win32diskimager or network port does not help.

With another image (buster) the pi works fine.
I’ve waited for 8 hours without any progress, and after some hours the progress screen becomes unavailable.

Any advice?



I don’t have any advice for how to solve this. My suggestion would be to try to ssh to the machine and follow the first-boot log:

Or plug the machine into a monitor during that first boot and see where it fails.

One thing to note is that openHABian is just Raspbian Buster with some scripts to download, install, and configure OH and some additional useful services. You could install a stock Raspbian Buster Lite and then follow the manual instructions for installing it.

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The Linux instructions work fine on Raspbian Lite. I have done that many times.

I’m referring to the manual instructions for openHABian. You don’t have to boot from the openHABian SD car image to get all the benefits of openHABian. You can clone the repo and do everything that openHABian does on that first boot from openhabian-config.

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