Openhabian is not longer booting / no ssh connection / no ethernet


I am running since a few month Openhabian and openhab (2.2) on a PI3.
Yesterday I tried to install pip via

python -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel

It didn’t work and even the linux package manager was blocked. I rebooted the PI and now the Maschine and openhabian is not longer running, I cannot access via ssh and when I have a look to my router, no openhabian is connected.
So network is not running.
Any ideas how I can fix this ? Or do I need to install Openhabian again ?

Thanks for upcoming help,

If you have saved your configurations, I think a new setup is the best way.
It will take about one an hour.

Corrupt sd card?
Might be a good idea to buy another one and start again. Reputable one, they not expensive.