OpenHabian Karaf Webconsole

I was wondering if there is a way to manage the karaf bundles using a webinterface and found the karaf feature webconsole.

But when I try to install the webconsole using “feature:install webconsole” I get the following error:
Error executing command: Error

Is it possible to use this webconsole in OH2?



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I already found a different solution. I’ve edited the org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg file and added the maven repository in the last line:

org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.repositories= \, \

After that I was able to install the webconsole. The console can be accessed using this url:


I think this would be useful to write up as a quick separate posting in the Tutorials and Examples showing step by step how to get it working. It looks like it wouldn’t take much and it will make it easier for future users to find.


Ok - as I have found occasionally the need to restart a bundle (Openhab Cloud Connector lately) I am tempted to do this as SSH’ing over VPN from my phone is a pain BUT by adding this repo will I end up with unintended consequences from versioning that isnt in the openhab repo?

This topic came up in a recent search, and I’ve been playing with the Karaf Web Console for a couple days. I’m not so sure I personally would have a use for it, but this thing would be very handy if it was included in the distro and available from the dashboard! No more explaining how to SSH into the Karaf console! And there’s logging too!

I could do a simple writeup for the docs, but I’d be interested in first looking at the load it puts on a Pi, which I do not have. I didn’t see any impact to my full sized server. Is there any reason why this is not currently included? Possibly load was a concern?

Good point. Actually, I also always thought about adding it as an option, but I never found the time or priority to go for it.
For size reasons, I wouldn’t want to include it in the core distro, but possibly rather package it as a “UI add-on”. Not sure what size this will be, but I don’t expect it to be too huge. If anyone wants to try to create such an add-on, tell me and I will happily provide support :slight_smile: .