OpenHABian keeps searching for ever


This is my first message so I hope I’m sending it to the right forum. I’ve installed openhabian in my raspberry pi from scratch and the only thing I changed was the IP address for the computer (from dhcp to fixed). After booting-up I added a LED binding and lucky me, it found my LED controllers so, so far, so good.

Later on, I installed the network binding using the paper UI and the installation icon keeps searching for ever. If I reload the page everything looks fine. So I didn’t mind to much but when I tried to search for new icons (the new IP addresses) it happened again.

The search started with the icon on the screen but it never ends. If I take a look at the log, I can see that new things are added but it seems that UI doesn’t see when the process has finished. So I have to refresh the page and again everything looks fine.

This is a bit annoying and before moving to raspberry I was using Ubuntu with the same configuration and no errors.

Can someone point out in the right direction to fix this issue?

Thank you
PD: I have some screenshots from the same process with the NTP binding

Which version of OH? I think this has already been fixed in the snapshot but am not certain.

Thank you,

According to the info provided during login process,

openHAB 2.1.0-1 (Release Build)

Has this been already fixed in a particular release?

Thank you.

I don’t know for sure. You can try the 2.2 snapshot or wait a few days for 2.2 to be released. It is scheduled for Dec. 18th but I don’t know if that date will get pushed.

Thank you, I’ll be monitoring the next release and in the meantime, discovering openhab world.

Thank you very much.

Hello folks,

I was waiting for version 2.2 to be released in order to fix this issue. I just installed it yesterday but so far, I think the issue is still there.

As an example, I tried to install mysql persistence by using the UI. Although it was installed properly (check the log) the screen remains with the icon waiting for ever.

Is there anything I can do to work it out?

Thank you very much.