Openhabian Kodi

Dumb question No 1 …how do i get Kodi installed and running on my Pi3?

Yes installed …but can’t get it to run and/or show on my UI via ssh.
In paper UI it shows as offline…
Any ideas?

Are the official docs not leading to a working setup?

ok i have kodi sitemap, items etc
how do i ‘see’ the kodi ui?

What are you trying to achieve? Displaying the Kodi UI that you normally see on your TV in openHAB is simply not possible.
So what is it exactly that you want to ‘see’? A description of more than 2 lines would be very welcome.

Sorry…getting a bit frustrated.
I will look at it again
I do appreciate everyone’s help

if you at the beginning like me , you can reinstall Openhab on raspberry pi OS and install Kodi , then activate the web server of kodi on different port