Openhabian, migrating from windows ok, updating to OH3 Things missing

Hi, I was trying to migrate to openhabian from my windows server. This was sucsessful (openhab 2.5.11) on the openhabian. Then i take backup.

I was under the impression I could upgrade from 2.5.11 easily to OH3, but it seems that none of the THINGS is transferred when upgrading. Items and rules transferres fine.

Any ideas or am I missing something.

What kind of things do you have ?
In case they belong to V1 bindings this will be a problem as V1 bindings are not supported in OH3.

Theyr all v2 bindings coming from 2.5.10
Seems like my json storage files does not get renamed correctly.

What should I copy over for manual installation?

did you use .thing and .item files? If so you should be able to drop them into a fresh OH3 install.
If you’re using openhabian I would adivce to start from scratch with a fresh install. During the pre-release times of OH3 a samba.conf was not pointed correctly (info here)
When using the latstes openhabian 1.6.2 things are working great.
Make sure to read on the backup options openhabian provides.

I needed to go INTO the jsonfile and rename from org.eclipse to org.openhab on every “thing”

After that the Items was imported and OH3 openhabian started functioning correctly

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