Openhabian on banana pie !?

Hi ! I wana know If openhabian is compatible with banana pi !?

This one :

The Banana Pi has different components than than the Raspberry Pi. But it is possible that the openhabian may work as-is. I suggest you try and let us know the results.

If it fails, you can always install your choice of Linux or Raspbian build for the Banana Pi. Then follow the generic Unix install process for OH.

I’m using Armbian: on my Banana Pi.

Hi Dominic,

I have installed the lastest openhabiamPi on my BananaPi M3 and it has booted with some issues, but it booted.

So far:

  • WiFi not recognised
  • HDMI partially working

I will be going through the documentation to see how much I can get going, but initial boot is up on the BPi-M3.



Hey I Tried it with a command line linux (can’t remember witch one ) on my BananaPie R1 and my rules take a lot of time to trigger so I reinstall openhab on my Mac