OpenHABian on other Systems than a Raspi

I am pretty curious if anyone is running OpenHABian on something different then a Raspberry?
Is it reliable? There are so many powerful single board computer but I’m simply not sure if it will run stable enough.
Let’s start a discussion here! :slight_smile:
but besides that, Merry Christmas to all!!

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It´s not impossible but you would need to manually install everything that´s hardware related like special drivers for different chipsets.

Well, openHABian in general is just a set of scripts that can run on any Ubuntu/debian computer.
I would refrain, though, from looking at other SBCs because, in short “the less mainstream the more problems”. Drivers, untested or unavailable packages for different HW architectures, proprietary kernels and Linux distributions, … and you would not win anything of relevance.
Pis ARE stable if you take proper precaution, see my (known) post.
Note that other SBCs use flash memory, too. They are by no means more reliable.
And if a Raspi REALLY is not powerful enough for your use, you can and should consider going for a PC.

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yeah, thats it!

Yes, the only thing which is making me hesitate yet is the electricity costs …


I’ve run the manual installation of openHASpian on an ODroid C2 and it appears to be fine.

(It requires a small tweak to the Samba configuration to match user credentials)

I have also tried it in a client’s mystery Debian machine (known only to me as his ‘mini-server’)
The script worked well, until it came to installing Grafana, whereupon it tried to pull the wrong CPU architecture file.

I manually installed Grafana easily enough, but I don’t know enough about it to know how to set the access rights / user credentials.
That’s a job for the new year.

If you are worried about the reliability of a standard Raspberry but you are still looking for the easiness of OpenHABian, consider using the CM3-Home. It’s industrial grade and equipped with the most wanted hardware interfaces for the home automation.
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I am running openhabian on ubuntu server.I installed it on a
And it is running fine for 6months now.

I have run Openhab(ian) 2.X on the Orange Pi Zero.
I used a Linuxdistro called
Had this setup running for a few months. If you add a big heatsink temperature is no problem. This platform is both faster and cheaper than RPI, but has less memory. I used the 512mb version.