OpenHabian on pi 3 Model B+

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Hi. I’m new to raspberry Pi’s and this is my first. I seem to be having issues installing openhabian

I’m using the Raspberry pi 3 model b plus. Stuck on black screen when trying to install openhabian.

I have no keyboard and it’s connected via HDMI to my tv.

I tried the automatic method using etcher on a Mac and a 32 gig Samsung Evo SD card. 4th attempt and still stuck on black screen after 6 hours.

On the previous attempt I disconnected it after 10 hours and i could not login to the GUI but the network share showed up on my Mac and I could access the files but GUI didn’t open on the browser via the 8080 or 9001 port.

I couldn’t ssh via terminal because I was unable to find the IP address for the pi.

“I have no keyboard and it’s connected via HDMI to my tv.”

Its runs headless, black screen is normal for openhabian.

Look for the IP in your router, if not listed by name then disconect the RPI from the network refresh the router then reconnect the RPI and see what address is new. If you have a linux box use: sudo arp-scan --interface=wlp12s0 --localnet. Replace wlp12s0 with your info, use ifconfig to get if you dont know.
Here is a link for doing the same with Mac

Thanks. That worked. And I got to the welcome screen via terminal. Current issue is why I can’t access the gui via the browser. http://:openHABianPi:8080 I keep getting the error can’t open page.

Replace openHABianPi with the IP address that you used to connect via ssh.

If your IP is then in a browser type
you should see the browser

Thanks. Perfect.