Openhabian Password Reset


i wrote down the wrong Password for the local or ssh Login, or my user Data crashed.

Is it possible to reset der local Login User Password?
Or do i have to install Openhabian complete new?

Only my samba Login works at the Moment.

I hope you can help me, to save a lot of time.

best regards

What about using another linux box, sd card reader, chroot and just update your credentials with passwd…

I guess this should work…

Thanks, i forgot that it´s based on raspian, so i was able to reset the password in the same way.

thanks for help

Hi Vaillan,
could you please tell me how could you reset your password? Thanks.

Hi nattila,

it works like this:


Hi, Thank you for your reply. I know my pi’s password I only forgot openhabian password. :smiley: