OpenHABian + RPi and Tellstick Duo

Hello Guys!
I’m completely new to homeautomation so please bear with me.
Been searching for a topic about this (and documentation) but that did not help me.

I have a Raspberrypi (from 2011) and have installed openHABian on it with the Pi-image and an SD-card. It worked without problem. I’m able to connect to the pie and use the web-interface to set things up with paper UI.

Here’s where my problem starts.
I’m trying to hook up a TellStick Duo. I have installed the Tellstick Binding but I also need to configure Telldus Core gateway to get it to work (right?!)?
…so I’m having problem knowing what parameter “…location of Telldus Core DLL/OS” I should have. Is that a folder on the Pi?
Do I have to install the TellsStick Duo driver using putty or something similar?

Would really appreciate if you guys could point me in the right direction.

Regards /RoDDen

Ok. I think I have solved it so I’m replying to my own post.
Problem was the installatin of the Telldus Core on the Pi.
I had to SSH (using putty) in to my PI and then run the config from there.
sudo openhabian-config
When inside that configuration you have the possibility to add telldus core (for in my case tellstick duo).
After that I rebooted the Pi and was then able to see the things in the Inbox in the Paper UI.

So problem solved at least for me.