Openhabian SD card lifetime


I installed Openhabian 3 on my Raspberry 3 on December 2020. I used the download-image. At first I got the smart meter running. Because of my lack of time, the smart home project had to wait.
Now I did not get access to my Raspberry any more. The SD card is broken. How do I avoid this problem in future? Any suggestions?

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Did you enable zram? This should limit the number of write actions to your sd card.

I avoided the problem to moving to a Linux VM on a home server but many people do not have that option.

Hey, i running on my sd card for now more than 3? Years without Problems… This is just luck or unluck. I can say it is very important to make backups every time you change a lot of files. I have one backup sd card. You can safe your complete sd card to a folder on your pc/cloud with Win32 Disk Imager
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There is no such thing. It’s openHAB 3, openHABian 1.6.x.

Search the forum and read before asking questions like this in an open manner like you did.

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It’s worth mentioning that most of the time when a machine just stops like this and it looks like the SD card is corrupt, the real problem is that the RPi lost power while it was in the middle of a write. This can cause corruption of the file system as more than just that one file being written to will be lost.

With the limited amount of information provided, it sounds like that is more likely the case than that the SD card wore out. But there isn’t nearly enough information to say so difinitively.