Openhabian SD card root folder

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Android tablet to load SD card for RPi
    • OS: Trying to load Openhabian 1.4
    • Java Runtime Environment:

I’m trying to load openhabian on a 32G micro SD card to use in an RPi 3B. I don’t have a tray to put the micro SD card in to insert it into my desktop (nor laptop), but I do have an android tablet with a micro SD card slot, so I’ve downloaded Raspi Card Imager and am trying to load the .xz file. I can set the file I want to load, and where I want to load in (SD card). Then it asks me where I want to load it;


or I can

“Manually set SD card root folder”

Is the first or second one the right folder? If not what folder should I set?

grab a USB Card reader from your local convenience store :slight_smile:
(or google the
you need to format the SD Card in advance (from the tablet).
anyway, mmcblk1 is usually the SD Card

I am trying to format the card on my Android tablet with Raspi Card Imager. It asks me to select a directory or manually enter one.

I went ahead and drove to town to pick up an SD adapter so that I could use Etcher on my Linux box. The load went fine and I have Openhabian up and running now.