openHABian serial ports


I’m struggeling with providing a virtual serial port to my openHABian installation.(snapshot #858).

Using socat I define e.g. /dev/ttyS5 or /dev/USB0. However the binding that should see the serial port (in this case the Comfoair binding) is always telling me it can not find the /dev provided in the config - although its there. Dialout and tty groups have been assigned to openhab user. I’m using a Razberry board on ttyAMA0.

Do I need to change anything to this one?

cat /etc/default/openhab2

Is there any other specific Pi3 or openHABian setting that needs to be set to enable other virtual serial ports?

Currently I do not think it’s the Comfoair binding, because what I’ve seen from other Comfoair users it can be connected to various serial ports - not limited to specific ones.

Would appreciate your thoughts here!

@AndrewZ, you removed your post? Happy about any hints regarding this…