openHABian Setup Failure

Hi, I’m noobie,
I’m trying to install openHABian on a new Raspberry Pi 3 with 32 GB Micro SD Card (Class 10).
I am following the instructions here:

I have downloaded:

and download Etcher to burn the image with. This seemed to go fine.

I went into the SD card with Windows explorer and opened “openhabian.conf” with notepad++ and changed:
wifi_ssid=“My Wi-Fi SSID” to my actual WiFi SSID (without the quotation marks)

wifi_psk=“password123” to my psswd without quotes and took out the comment out # in front of each statement.

Saved, put the SD card in the R Pi and plugged it in without a keyboard or monitor.


While this thing was supposedly booting up I opened up my router page to get the IP address so I could Putty in and watch the magic happen.

After 30 minutes nothing came up so I plugged a monitor into the R Pi and there is no signal.


There is only a solid red light showing on the R Pi. I take it this is bad? LOL

So, how long should I wait before I unplug the R Pi and see if:

  1. the SD card is plugged all the way in?
  2. I saved the SSID and psswd right?

I don’t know, what else should I try?

Maybe plug it into Ethernet, a monitor, mouse and keyboard?


It seems you have everything done in ihis way
Does the Raspi connect to the router and the internet? Are there any leds blinking?
I would try a ethernet-connection for the first start.

OK, I got it. I re-imaged openHABian on the SD card, left the WiFi config unchanged, plugged in a monitor, keyboard and Ethernet. Plugged in power and immediately saw openHABian loading on the Raspberry Pi screen.

Went to putty on my PC and logged right in. What a thrill! I greatly enjoy ditzing around in Linux though it has been some time since I’ve had a need to.

I must of had my network information wrong.