Openhabian SSH scroll

I’m trying Openhabian and I’ve found that when I ssh to the raspberry (from a Mac) I can’t scroll up/down swiping with two fingers. The console captures the event and instead it’s as if I had pressed cursor up/down.
How can I change this?

Huh. I haven’t seen that one, and I ssh to openhab often.

On your Mac, what console are you using? Just Terminal, or something else? What ssh? The built-in one or something else? What version of OSX?

On the Raspberry, what distribution are you using? OpenHabian or another? What shell?

This is definitely something controlled by your ssh client on the Mac, not something on the openHABian side.

I rebooted the Mac and the Raspberry and now it doesn’t happen :roll_eyes:. I use SSH a lot and it’s the first time I’ve seen this.
Thank you both.

I’m assuming you’re using the ssh command from within the Macos Terminal app.

Some “console apps” (apps running in a text console) will capture the scrolling events and either discard them or implement in-app scrolling while active (e.g., vim on openhabian).

Yes, I was using default ssh and Terminal. But I was on the shell and when I swiped up I got the command history instead of scroll. Strange.