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In what forum category can I ask about Openhabian related issues? Or is there specific Openhabian forum website?
One of my question is:
What command will trigger Openhabian welcome screen and where Openhabian gets that IP address on welcome screen from?
Screenshot at 2021-12-11 18-20-54

Afaik, the welcome screen is generated using FireMotD, so anything related to in here is provided by FireMotD.

FireMotD is running as a service in the background. The service is running randomly between 0:00:00 and 5:59:59. During that time subset of parameters are collected. The IP address is part of that collection.
The collected data is stored in /usr/share/firemotd/data/FireMotD.json and displayed together with updated information that is collected during execution time ( login time ) of a user.
You may check the content of /usr/share/firemotd/data/FireMotD.json it shows when the IP address was collected.

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Oh wait! That time window 0:00:00 - 5:59:59 caught my eye. The other problem I am trying to solve is my R-Pi 4 with Openhabian is getting disconnected from internet from around midnight until 6 morning. The connection is provided only via USB GSM modem. It is happening almost every day. When I look into /var/log/syslog there are millions of lines with “dhcpcd[365]: received SIGPIPE” string in it. I am not sure how to solve this issue.
I guess I try to disable FireMotD service in hope it will solve my midnight disconnecting issue. I hope it will not break the system :slight_smile:
I know I diverge way off topic but this is the right thread I guess :smiley:

FireMotD has nothing to do with dhcpcd. I suggest to stop guessing around and arbitrarily try things.

dhcpcd crashing is probably the effect of network problems not the cause.

Duh! That now is not a supported setup of openHABian.
You should have told us about right in your first post.

So either move to a supported setup (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) or don’t ask for help on your system, please.

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