Openhabian unable to change WiFi network

Running Openhabian on RPI4 and a friends RPI3. Openhab 3.4.0

Not sure if I’m having a dumb moment but for both units I’ve had to change WiFi networks. In both cases I am unable to connect via Putty after the change – host does not exist – and using “arp -a” to attempt to connect to all visible IPs on my network also fails (unsure what its IP is).

Interestingly, both do seem to be connected to their respective network. I know this because they both operate on networks with tapo light bulbs connected to the same network and the rules are triggering to turn the lights on with PIR sensors.

Connecting via hdmi, the ip address section says it cannot be parsed. Updating hostname and network connection directly also doesnt work.

What am I missing here? A single wifi network change should be smooth no?

Have you used openhabian-config to change wifi network settings? This is the only recommended way to change it

As you have local access to your raspberry (this is what I interpret when you say connecting through hdmi), try disabling wifi and reconfiguring it through openhabian-config. Then look in your router what ip address have been given to your raspberry.
You probably can configure on your router to assign to the raspberry always the same ip.