Openhabian: Upgrade OH2.5 to OH3: Clean up

I opened this thread after i upgraded to openhab 3.
My question is: how should you proceed after a successful upgrade of OpenHab. Everything is working as intended but there are some openhab2 folders left. How can i get rid of them:

  • /var/lib/openhab2
  • /etc/openhab2
  • /var/log/openhab2
  • /srv/openhab2…
  • and more?

Also at the start i have still this page:

At the Karaf Console it has already changed:

Just delete them (assuming you have everything you need from them already).

There shouldn’t be anything else to delete. OH puts everything in those folders.

Your login shell prints out some nice information when you log in. It’s looking for the version number of the installed openHAB in the wrong location now. I don’t know what file this is defined in, mayb .profile or .basrc in your home directory. Change the “openhab2” to “openhab”.


I could tell you a gazillion ways to but fact is you don’t have to and probably don’t even want to get rid of them (to have them serve as a fallback or reference).



  1. Where is that file? :slight_smile:

  2. Are there more Openhab2 paths or only the two paths i mentioned before?

the file you want is ~/.bash_profile, like Markus said. He’s the expert, I just sorta know what’s going on with openHABian.

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Thank you for your fast help!

  1. There is one more warning in the log after upgrade:
    13:34:09.277 [WARN ] [org.jline] - Failed to save history java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /var/lib/openhab2

This problem was mentioned some time ago:

Do you know were this path is saved that i can change that too?
My logs are working properly at the new /var/lib/openhab path. So there must be some other config with the old path. I think it has to do with the user: openhabian…