Openhabian: Upgrade to 2.5M4 uninstalls marketplace binding

I just upgraded my Openhabian installation from 2.5M3 to 2.5M4 with the openhabian-config tool.
After that the system is running but 2 marketplace bindings were uninstalled (Bluetooth market:binding-3694484 - 1.0 and BlueGiga Transport market:binding-3769228 - 1.0).
I had to reinstall them manually via PaperUI and now everything works again. Is this expected behaviour or a bug?

This is an expected behavior.


Ok, thank you for that clarification. However the other installed bindings (e.g. MQTT) were still installed and active, only the marketplace bindings were dropped. But good to know for the next time!

Yes because the marketplace bindings are stored in some cached folder if I’m right. An update clears these caches.

Thank you for these details, I was not aware of that. Until recently I only knew manual updates on Windows based OH installations (and as I preferred “fresh” setups there it was obvious that I had to reinstall every addon by hand).
So maybe I expected a bit too much of openhabian. But it is really a very poweful tool and saved me tons of time.
Thank you all for the details!