Openhabian upgrade to bookworm


can I upgrade my openhabian to the new bookworm release or are there any issues to be expected?

You shouldn’t be doing a bookworm upgrade as Raspberry explicitly does NOT recommend upgrading. They strongly recommend setting up a clean system.
Currently there is only a beta version of openhabian/bookworm available.

But will it work on upgraded version of raspibian to bookworm?
Are there any known issues with openhab itself or depending apps?

They always recommend that and then they post instructions for how to do it. Normally I don’t pay that warning too much mind and it hasn’t been a problem.

However, bookworm has changed out the network management subsystem. I tried in place upgrades of four of my RPis and failed on all four. Everything works great until that network subsystem gets replaced then it drops off the net and never comes back. I probably could plug these into a keyboard and mouse and correct what ever damage was done but it was easier to rebuild from scratch.

See above.

None with openHAB. Other apps :person_shrugging: .

You’ll save lots of time in the long run if you just start over from scratch instead of trying an in place upgrade. Not to mention that the upgrade can take longer than rebuilding the machine from scratch in a lot of cases.

I already did two upgrades to bookworm without any significant problem.
You just need to install and configure NetworkManager first before the upgrade process.

I never do fresh install :slight_smile:

For me building a system from scratch is much more time consuming then inplace upgrade. But it is just for me :smiley:

So good to have such topic in case someone face some problems.

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wrt openhabian related apss you may watch Bookworm readyness · Issue #1788 · openhab/openhabian · GitHub

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